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Kimberley Valley


The pink light from the late sun reflects off the red hillsides, sparsely covered with Spinifex, with larger trees and scrub along the creek bed. The creek cuts its way through the valley making its way to the ocean, just visible in the distance. Having a vantage point at the head of a valley, and being able to see all within it, speaks to us in some way. Perhaps it reminds us of a time long past when a good vantage point was coveted by our ancestors, so a view like this makes us feel empowered. The timelessness of a place like this reminds us that perhaps those things we busy ourselves with day to day are not so important after all.

Further Information about the location

The Kimberley

A Kimberley holiday offers some of Western Australia’s (WA) most unique wilderness experiences – experiences that will capture your imagination. Covering nearly 423,000 square kilometres, this ancient region has fewer people per square kilometre than almost any other place on Earth.

Hidden in the region’s heart, vast wildlife sanctuaries, spectacular gorges and thundering waterfalls provide the perfect backdrop for a Kimberley holiday adventure in Western Australia’s (WA) north. And on its coast lie some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, untouched coral atolls and rugged islands with an amazing variety of marine life.


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Oil Paint on Stretched Canvas. Ready to hang. Size: 105 cm high, 105 cm wide, 5 cm deep.


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